Meet Tori Bori!

Who’s Victoria Badillo, this is Victoria short for “tori” I cant explain my love for this pretty girl we have this close bond no one can break and I mean no one are friendship history is so crazy but amazing I meant Tori when I was 4 years old at a daycare are parents put us in there for church we ended up laughing, sharing toys and being little crazy baby’s ever since then are bond just keeps going and growing, we have been friends for 13 years without no fighting we went to every school together in addition to that we are now sophomores in high school and have every class together when every class like we have every class. Every day she manages to make me laugh and put the biggest smile on my face we always laughing and goofing around for the dumbest reasons but I think that what makes are friendship so special. This year I’ve had a lot of home problems that I didn’t know how to talk to anyone else about I ended up telling Tori and she was there for me gave me the best evidence I’ve ever heard and she never gave up on are friendship. Today I don’t only consider her as my bestfriend but I look at her like my sister and as a idol to me and other kids around the world. I think people who read this and anyone in general should have someone like Tori because not only will they feel happier as a person but they will conquer a lot of goals because they will have someone on there side to support them throw whatever they go throw. I never want to lose Tori as a friend because I don’t know what I would do with out her in my life, for more blog posts about Tori stay tuned because are friendship and what we do together is one of a kind and very adventures.img_0276

Okay this is Tori and I being lazy just being girls, we ended up taking this picture during school hours during are long day in second period. So this all started because we needed a break in math because I mean who doesn’t need one, math makes are head spin in circles. Tori and I decided to take a break we waked around, and us being girls we decided to take some bomb selfies. A little back ground on our relationship is that we have been close friends ever since we were four years old in diapers and till this day we still have that close bond we had when we first met. We used to bring baby books to pre school and claim who’s baby is who. I don’t claim Tori as my friend she’s more like a sister because I could go to her with the biggest or smallest problems and she will give me the best advice and every time I take it because it really helps me. There was this one time where I was in a guy problem and I didn’t know what to do and I was scared to talk to someone about it, so I asked Tori if she could help me and she just was there for me the whole way even today we never fight over someone who can ruin so fun if anything we just laugh about it and are always making jokes. Tori doesn’t only bring laughter to me but also the people around her look up to her and just everything about Tori is amazing if you guys don’t know Tori I suggest you get to know her. Even to this day we remain the way we sed to when we were four years old. If you guys are enjoy my blogs about my bond with Tori Bori keep tued for more, please like and comment below and show some love.




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