Nationals With My Lady Dons!

This picture right here may be just a original photo in other peoples eyes, but in my eyes this has a lot of stories and meaning behind it. It all started freshman year at Santa Barbara High School I tried out for there amazing cheer team and made it to JV my experience on JV was one experience I never want to forget I feel being on JV helped me so much to become a better cheerleader. I was main flyer and tumbler for the cheer team towards the end of my sophomore year, I heard there was a competitive cheer team for the high school I was so happy to try out I tried out and ended up making the team it made me feel so good about myself. The first practice I ever went too was tough because I kept falling and falling and getting mad because I felt like I was failing at what I was doing but that didn’t stop me from being the best I could be. I practiced and practiced and ended up doing stuff I never know I could do. My amazing coach Jenn helped me succeed in cheering and always told me to never give up on what I love I took that evidence and really used it. By the time competition season was here I was confident the first comp I had butterfly’s but we killed it and ended up getting accepted to go to Nationals in Anaheim, we were all so happy and from that point on practices started to get hard lots of tears and bruises. Then the big day came we traveled to where we were competing it was so big we were all so happy we all stayed in a nice hotel and had team bonding which was amazing some things we did during bonding time was swim together and stunt each other and just enjoy the memories we were making together as a team. So the first day we competed we all woke up very early got are hair done and put are pretty uniforms on and got breakfast as a team once are food went down we went to were we competing and watched some teams, which  y the way made me so scared because watching them made me think they were better, then we went to warm ups and only the cheerleaders could go no parents which helped me a lot because my parents make me nervous. Then finally my team and I were waiting to hit the stage they called are school and we ran out with so much excitment I cant explain how it felt there was a huge crowd and a bunch of flashing lights all I heard was are music go on then we started dancing during are stunt section we had one girl who fell everyone saw it and was very sad because we all wanted first place but we know which a stunt fall we were behind the game. Once we got off stage I started crying because I was mad so we all talked as a team and talked about if we make it to finals that’s good, so we waited for awards and they called are school! we started crying because we were so happy. The next day we went back to perform and another stunt fall but it was me this time who fell I saw was my face into the ground I got back up and left stage with my team it was bad because I was very hard on myself I thought everyone hated me ended up at the end if the day we got 4th and everyone was proud of everyone on the team and that’s how I ended my day with my day at nationals with my girls if you enjoy my blog keep tuned for more.file_000

Okay this me in cheer, there’s a lot behind this story my background on cheer has affected my life a lot of ways. I was a gymnast all my life I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old and continued it till I was 15 years old. My life consists around competing and traveling around the world I’m very tough on myself. I ended up competing level 9 my club was Santa Barbara gymnastics club. After I quit my gymnastics life I tried out for Santa Barbara High School cheer and ended up making it to JV cheer, I knew I wanted to try something new and it would be hard for me to do both so I decided to do cheer. The first day I was scared to be a flyer but I was tiny that I would break if I was a base. Over time my fear went away and I ended being main flyer for varsity and main flyer for comp team we ended traveling and winning back to back just to let you guys know we were national champs. My sophomore year I ended up not doing cheer because of family reasons, I really missed cheer so I let my coach know that I wanted to come back I went to a practice tried some old stunts out this picture consists of me in a prep level stunt and my two main bases throwing me and twisting in the air and them catching me some times this scares me but I like to think more about the positive than the negative. If you guys enjoy hearing about my cheer lie keep tuned for more. Please like and comment below and show some love.



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