My Bond With Bestfriend Sole!


This picture has a lot of stories and memories behind it started Friday night the next day we had a big day, it was my first school dance to go to and the dance was called “Winter Formal”, so the night before we went to get my heels and got my toes and eyebrows done. The next day we got up and eat breakfast and are friend Ashley came over so we could do her hair and after that my best friend Sole got her stuff ready and we took a morning walk to my house, when we got their I had to clean up my room and do some chores, after that i jumped in the shower and got my day started in the shower I had to do all the women things every other women would do. I got out and started to blow dry my hair and do my make up once Sole and I were all ready we ordered a uber to the Santa Barbara Court house, because my amazing friend Marco Soto was going to take professional pictures of us girls dolled up, we got their and meet him and just to tell you guys the pictures came out amazing. After are pictures were taken we went to Mc Donalds to waste of time and got a snack but we still had hours until the dance was going to start so we decided to take an uber back to my house. Once we got to my house we just were laughing making memories and telling each other stories. We ended up getting picked up by my guy best friend Alex along with his friend Avery and going to hang out at Sole’s, I almost fell asleep so my friend Sole said to get up and lets go to dance because it was time so Alex drove us there and planned to pick us up at 10 pm so just me and sole went we got there and started dancing and OH MY GOSH! I was sweating time ended up going by really fast and it was already time to go, we gathered all are belongs and went to the front of the school and waited for the boys. We ended up waiting 23 long minutes in the cold for them, when they said they were gonna be there at 10. Once they came Sole and I started yelling at them and they thought it was a big joke but it was pretty funny. We went back to Sole’s and we all just hung up of course me I was so tired so I put on pj’s and took off my make up and ended up laying down, Once that was over my mom came to pick me up and I went home and passed out of my long day. My day consisted of making memories and enjoying my day with the people I love most, also he people who make me the happiest.


This picture of my bestfriend and I not only looks amazing and makes us look cute, but the day and are memories to this picture are very special. It all started by Sole and I went to flamenco dance class and got a ride back to her house. Once we got to her house we were starving and her 13 year old sister got paid a huge check I started saying I wanted panda express and Sole’s little sister said she would buy us food, I was so happy so we all got up and took the bus to downtown Santa Barbara and ate all together as a small family. Once we ate her sister took us to Victoria secret and she even got me a 50 dollar bra, I was so happy and I was thanking her for everything she got me. She even took us to forever 21 and got me a phone case and got me two sports bras from Calvin Klein, right then and there I knew it was time to leave so she would sped all her money so we decided to walk back to her house but then are friends Avery and Alex called and wanted to hang out at Soles house so they said they would pick us up at the Junior High so we all waited, finally they came and we headed to Soles house once we got there the boys showered and we all were just tried but still managed to laugh. The boys ended up leaving and then we did face masks and took selfies. Once all are girly time was over I passed out first and then Sole and that’s how are journey went. If you guys enjoy reading about my life and my bond with Sole keep tuned for more, show some love by liking and commenting below.


My over all thought and thoughts on my bestfriend Sole. Okay so Sole has something in her as a friend I’ve never seen before, whenever I’m down I always count on her to make me feel happy again. For an example I was going throw this guy problem with my ex boyfriend and all my other friends before Sole would help me but I feel I never really benefit from it. But when I was still going throw the same problem I gave it one more try to try to see if one friend’s could help, Sole really just touched my heart she gave me good tips and tricks to get over him, since she went throw the same thing with her ex and ever since my rough day with that person I’ve been nothing but happy and positive with my life and something I noticed well being Sole’s friend is my attitude has been so amazing I’m never putting myself down the way I used to when I wasn’t her friend. Sole and I may have are ups and downs but that doesn’t stop us from being sister’s in the heart because not only is she my best friend but like I said my sister. If you guys don’t know Sole I suggest you get to know her because not only does she make me happy but she can make you guys happy and turn somewhat your life around. If you guys enjoy reading and learning about my life keep tuned for more because this isn’t the beginning. Please show some love by liking and commenting on what you think of my life.





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