Adventure’s & Good Friends

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So this is my adventure with my three friends, wow this weekend was one amazing weekends with a lot of memories. This all started Saturday morning I was at my best friends Sole’s house and we were tired and bored but we had flamenco dance class at one and it was so hot out so are two other friends Alex and Avery had a game after they asked if we wanted to go to the beach of course we said yes, because why not so we got picked up at dance class by them and went to my house so I could get changed after Sole was ready so we went to the gas station so we could get some snacks and water because it was hot. We started heading to Butterfly beach in Montecito, I can’t explain how packed it was there was not one parking spot we kept driving around finally we found one got out and went to find a spot on the sand to lay out and enjoy the sun and all it’s happiness. We all got in the water and OH MY GOSH, Alex pushed me in it was so cold nut so funny, we all just enjoyed are time together after we decided to go check out my house in Montecito it was so funny they thought I was a millionaire. Everyone was so hungry so we all went to Mcdonalds and ate some bomb food after that the guys dropped us off at my house we showered and we thought that was the end of the night but little did we know. File_000 (2).jpegOkay all you guys know where I left off about how my three amazing friends and are adventurous day we spend together. So after Alex and Avery dropped Sole and I off at my house, they went to there game mean while at my house I had a little family get together and they were planning to come after but instead they wanted to go to the beach again during that time it was very warm out and the sun was out but right when they picked us up it started getting foggy. We still wanted to go to we went to the gas station got snacks and headed to west beach by SBCC it was way to cold when we got out the car, so we all decided to go play basketball at Westmont, we headed there instead we were all playing a game called HORSE where everyone has to make the same move in order to move on to the next letter that literally took forever but we got it after like 2 hours of playing then, I wanted blenders also my friends so we drove to blenders on state street and I got a red mango it was so good you guys should try it. After blenders they drove me to Sole’s so I could get my food and then took Sole and I to my house so we could eat some food by the time we got to my house all the food was gone because everyone ate it, I was kinda upset but then we found some and we were all so happy to eat. Finally after are long day Sole’s mom picked Sole up and her sister and I went to lay down and sleeping like a princess in my bed.File_000 (3).jpeg

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