Hoping For A Miracle!

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This is Eliana Georges she is eight years old with something that breaks my heart and our whole family’s heart. She is a cancer patient with brain tumors, her story is long but I think she’s so special in so many ways. When Eliana was born the doctors realized something was normal about her once they found out she had brain tumors they explained to her parents that she didn’t have much years to live they only expected her to live till she was five years old and they had a choice to put her down or outlive that five years and of course they choose for her to live. Recently this pretty little girl was just living a normal day until something horrible happened she had to be rushed to CHLA for children well she meant most of her days and nights there fighting for her life news came back to are family about what’s going on it broke my heat in every way possible to see such a young talented girl with so much love for people go threw what she went throw. She could not eat on her one so they had to put her on a gastrostomy tube. This little girl has so much determination and strength. The following morning Ellie woke up out of her coma, she started responding to questions nodding her head to yes or no. Finally she had to have another surgery but it was complete success and the doctors were able to place the shunt in her head with no problems. Ellie, my hero you inspire me in so many ways. Your bravery, strength and feistiness has brought you to fight this battle. You’re truly a miracle and I do believe god answered all our prayers. The amount of love, prayers & support from family, Just shows how many people you inspire. This power of prayer works in miraculous ways. Can’t wait for you to come home and celebrate your beautiful, precious life! Everyone loves you and can’t wait for you to fight this cancer, just know you’re not alone in this journey. File_000 (6).jpeg

Precious Eliana fighting for her life, I don’t think no one expects any little little girl with the biggest heart to be where shes at right now. I love this little girl a lot last time I seen her was last fiestas we were all just having a good time swimming at a family’s house what I remember is my dad telling her shes his idol and shes so strong in so many ways. We were all just laughing eating good food and being all one family until now my baby is fighting for her life at CHLA has a family member this makes me emotional but I try not to think of the negative but I try to think of the positive. All I know is when she is out everyone cant wait. I just sit in my bed and think to myself wow I wonder how someone so little can have so much strength and bravery after everything she has encountered. Yet she continues to even try to put a smile on her face and others. She makes the definition of a true fighter and worrier. She makes me realize to be grateful for everything I have life. I cant wait for her to be by my side dancing flamenco and riding those pretty horses. My family and I hope for a speedy recovery. One day I hope for everything to be normal and for this nasty cancer to go away so she can live her life without crying and feeling pain. One day I know if we all as a family and anyone who prays for her that one day she will wake up and she will live the cancer free life. Her parents go threw enough and I hate seeing them cry everyone and anyone who would like to help her please just send prayers out to this happy and pretty little girl. She doesn’t deserve to live this life she really doesn’t. But threw the love and words threw god everyone knows she has the power and strength to over come anything in life. We love you Ellie see you soon pretty girl.IMG_0983

Eliana is finally walking again progress in making! Can’t get over that pretty smile, makes my day everyday.

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Princess Warrior Eliana!


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