MAD Retreat 2K17!

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This weeks blog post is about my trip to Kings Canyon National Park, This was such an amazing trip with some amazing people. The fun all started by the night before we left to are trip with Santa Barbara High School I spend the night at my friends Elizabeth’s house we ate a good dinner with her family had cake then left to her house we just talked about how fun are trip was going to be and decided we needed some sleep so we went to sleep and OH MY GOSH the alarm went off at 6 am I was so tired I didn’t want to get out her bed. We finally got up got ready and headed to starbucks before we meet at the school to get on the airbus. Once we got to the school it was still kinda dark because the time change but we waited for everyone to get there and started to load are bags under the bus and got are sits. Once I sat down I started getting happy to be away from home and all I hear is for everyone to sit down and the bus started moving. Elizabeth and I were listening to music and we both were taking selfies. We both took a little nap and then once we were half way there we all started for some food, my friends and I decided to eat Mc Donalds. Got back on the bus and get headed to are destination I cant explain how much snow there was and how pretty it was up there, It was mind blowing all my friends were just so excited to go play in the snow. So we all got off the bus went to check in and got who we were rooming with I ended rooming with Elizabeth,Emily,Jaden we all went up to are room dropped are bags off got snow clothes on and meet everyone down stairs we went on a little walk and explored where we would be staying the next couple of days. I made a stupid decision and decided to wear my brand now uggs and I didn’t expect my shoes to get ruined but everytime I walked my feet would sink into the ground so my uggs got wet and the color started to come off. We all were wet and cold so we went back into the cabin and got dressed and headed down for dinner he food wasn’t the best but hey food is food and everyone should be grateful for what they have, that’s not all there way more to what happened stay tuned for more memories and stories about my trip.

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This is the second day of the third day which was a blast, started my morning by waking up with my girls washed my face, brushed my teeth, did my hair and we all went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast with the rest of are MAD academy friends we bonded for a little then got are snow shoes on and went on a hike in the snow I can’t explain how much I fell because the snow in the morning is icy and hard but so pretty it looked like diamonds and then we got half way and my new friend Chase had a broken leg so some of are friends pulled him in a inner tube so they got lost and the person of the group Dan went to go find them by that time it took forever so that’s when we headed back to the lodge and had some free time during that time we went snow boarding and tubing and had a huge snow ball fight after we went back ate dinner and had a bond time with everyone we all sat in a circle and got to know each other people and the academy I’m in isn’t free which means you have to pay to be in it and is mostly more of the wealthy kids and family’s so we all got to know each other to show that everyone’s not the same not everyone is rich and everyone goes threw struggles in life to not judge someone by the way we look after a long talk we ended up going up to are rooms and getting ready for bed us girls didn’t really go to bed we stayed up talking and we got scared because Dan came to the room mad saying to go to bed, so we did and got some sleep.











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