Stunt game with SBHS cheerleaders!

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This is Sole and I we are Santa Barbara High School cheerleaders, we both do this new thing in cheer called “stunt” a little background on stunt is last year was the first year it became a sport, which is pretty cool because most people think cheer isnt a sport when it is. The point in stunt is you and another team are on one mat and only have 4 panels the goal is you both do the same routine and the team that does it better gets the point. Anyways as you can tell in this photo we are very happy we have been waiting for this day long hard practices and now we are finally heading to Paso Robles High School for are first game. We all loaded the school bus thursday around 1pm and headed there because are game was @5 so we had some team bonding on the bus like we played songs did each others hair and make up and eat together and laughed, the ride was way longer than I expected it too be so half of the time I slept so I can have energy to perform. Once we got there we all loaded off the bus and started walking to the gym I was scared because I’ve never done anything like this and it was very new to me, I got in the gym and there was much people but little did anyone know more people started coming which was good in a way because it made me push a little harder so I would not make a fool out of myself. The first game we had was against Paso Robles we lost 9-14 but that didn’t stop us from winning the second game the second game we had was against Nipomo High and that was a very good game we all very tired but very hyped and won 15-5. All I can say is im very proud of my girls and everyone’s hard work even though we are tired and get want to go home everyone pushed beyond there limits. Even for are first year doing this we got a win and very happy.

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This is the wonderful Santa Barbara High School cheer leaders working hard out on Paso Robles High School floor. This picture is taken by one of are coaches. I think this picture is amazing because it shows everyone’s hard work on being on the team. So we have 4 quarters and 6 routines for each quarter. This picture is pyramid 1, pyramid 1 consists of throwing and catching. What i’m I? I’m a flyer and in this picture i’m the middle girl my number is 2. Sometimes when I do this high stunts I get scared but not when I am performing. I’m so happy i’m apart of this amazing team, also able to make it this far my bases for cheer love me as much as I love them we all go throw are rough times in cheer sometimes we want to kill each other, pull each others hair out and even ¬†sometimes quit the team. But when we see progress in are team and see that we can do whatever we put are minds too then that gives us the strength to push beyond are limits and try harder than we did last time as I said before we first played Paso Robles and lost 9-14 but you can tell on everyone’s face that we had one more game and we really wanted to take that win home back to “Home Of The Dons”, and show are school we are the best and once that was in everyone’s mind everyone was determined win we got out on that floor gave it are all and little did we know we got that win we all were yelling and smiling having huge smiles on are face we got in a group and said what the dons always say ” whose house… dons house” LOL I think the other team was really upset and I felt really bad because one girl fell and started crying so we stopped and showed some love to them and we just started talking and telling them its okay to push harder next time.

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