Meet Alex!


This is Alex Pintor there’s a lot to say about him well first let me explain how we even meet, we meet one night when my friends and I were hanging out he was the driver and I remember him dropping them off and then it was my friend Sole and I and we dropped us off at her house, during the car ride I saw a stuffed animal I asked “oh did your girlfriend give you that”, he responded with I don’t have one I was really surprised because he was really nice when we got out the car, I asked for his snapchat and said were gonna be best friends and start a streak he said okay I noticed we became really good friends and then we started picking me up and dropping me off at cheer practice I was really thankful to have someone do that for me. Finally one day Sole and Alex and I went to state for frozen yogurt and Sole told me after it looks like he likes me but I said no because I’ve just got out of a relationship and I got cheated on but then she kept saying no I know he does I never thought she was right but one day, he told me he liked me I was surprised at first but then I was happy after that day we started talking more hanging out more like every day and doing everything together. A little back ground on him is he played basketball for Santa Barbara High School dons varsity team, he was number 10 I believe and now he plays basketball for SB ballers and travels im very proud and happy for him. If you want to continue to hear about Alex keep tuned for more information and journeys about his busy life and how he keeps himself busy though out the week and months.

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This was a fun day with my three best friends it all started when Alex and Avery had basketball practice and Sole and I had flamenco practice and Alex was gonna only pick me up because Avery and Sole had some problems at he time and they both thought it was going to weird but something told us to let them come and just be friends, so I called Alex and asked him where he was and he said almost there and when he arrived it was weird cause they didn’t talk much and we dropped Sole off home to get change well Alex went to get changed then I did and back to go pick up Sole. Once we got here we all headed for butterfly beach oh my gosh it was so hard to find parking it was packed so it took a good 10 minutes to find parking once we did we walked and found a spot on the beach to lay are towels down and took off are clothes off to get in the water we all went in and I was so mad Alex picked me up and threw me in the water it was so cold and then Avery and Alex wanted me to go in more but I was scared I was gonna drown so I stayed back well they got hit by huge waves after awhile the water started getting really cold and so then we all went back to sun bath in the warm sun for a little and that also was good because it made Sole and Avery talk things out, after there little talk everything was fine and they were fine which made me happy to see them happy again. We decided to leave and go grab something to eat because we were hungry well at least I was so we went to Mcdonalds and I got chicken nuggets and medium fries and a large sweet tea, it was so good and after we ate alex dropped off Sole and I off at my house because my mom wanted me home for a little party and then I went home and both of us took warm long showers and put some comfy PJ’s on and watched netflix in my room and ended the day with a nap.

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