Easter Sunday!

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My Easter Sunday was a fun day with some amazing people and lots of bonding together. It all started Saturday afternoon I had gotten picked up by my cousin Ashley and we were heading to Lompoc to see some of my family I haven’t seen in over a year for my little cousin birthday party at my family’s house so we picked up on the way one of my family members and her new born little baby boy Owen and we started our day there. As we were heading to lompoc we were all talking and my cousin didn’t see the only exit to get to lompoc so we started laughing and had to drive further and take a different way, we finally got there and I got out the car and went inside it was the best thing I’ve seen in awhile all my family members I haven’t seen in forever were waiting I hugged each one and the party was that day so we all headed to the house. I wasn’t feeling good that day so we got there and I said hello to everyone and got some medicine and went to lay down and fell asleep for 3 hours got up and was so tired, so we all finished presents and went back to the house we were sleeping at and I went to the room and layed down and watched TV shows on my uncles computer and facetimed my friends. The next morning my plans were for me to go to church and so I got up looking bad and went back to SB with my 2 cousins, after church I had to go home so I went home and Alex called me and asked if I wanted to go over for a BBQ at his house, I said yes but I need to clean my room and shower and get ready he said okay once I was done getting ready I called him back and I said I was ready to get picked up so he came and we went to his house. His parents are very sweet so the dad said here happy Easter and gave me a blue egg with 20 bucks in it, at first I didn’t want to take it but I did and bought myself a hat from my favorite store Victoria Secret. Later on that day my bestfriend Sole meet us at his house for food and then we all left to my family’s house up the street for a little and after he dropped Sole and I back off at her house meanwhile my mom was yelling at me she picked me up and went home relaxed but who knew what else the night had for me and my friends. I was on facetime with Sole and her mom let her take her car and pick me up with her sister for some food we didn’t food for a while and drove around and saw her ex boyfriend and followed him sooner or later he stopped his car and was like “hey can you stop following me” and his friends said “yeah its scary” and left so we left to the boys and girls club and saw some of are other friends and we zoomed off fast it was so funny and then I had to be home so we all ended are night like that by me going home.

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The kind of food we ate with Alex’s parents were bacon wrapped hotdogs and salad and chicken and yummy foods just can’t explain all of it, also with my family I ate shrimp and candy and also my grandma was just telling us some of her stories well she was growing up and why she smokes weed to help her and her bones and why it’s bad for young kids. We also just all spend time together and laughed and made memories. We all went to state and haha I got a ring thinking it was for my finger but really it was for my toe and looked weird so I gave it to Sole and after when Alex left us he went to play basketball with my annoying friend Avery. I feel bad because Alex was mad because I hit him with my bag so he was really quiet well I was playing my mexican music and Sole was getting embarrassed, it was so funny. My Easter this year was good because I spend it with people who make me happy and who  make things fun.

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