Santa Barbara Fair 2K17

sb fair

This fair trip was lots of happy times and sad times all in one it started with the plans where my ex best friend and her sister and I were planning on going to the fair Friday so we all planned to do so but I was also going threw a break up and she was saying she was “best friends” with both of us so I was getting upset at the fact the guy knew I had plans Friday with her and he also asked Sole and at first it was a yes but then she ended up going with me so Friday after school Sole and I didn’t go to cheer practice and went home rather than cheer to get ready for the fair, we were also trying to find a ride so we were asking a bunch of people for a ride finally we found a ride and we meet that person at the boys and girls club and started the night like that are ride had dropped us off and we walked payed for are ticket and started riding some rides, also we found some of are friends there and hung out with them for the entire night all the hate and dislike started later on that night the guy I dated said “oh want me to go to the fair”, soles sister Laila said yes and he ended up coming when I saw him all my feelings started to come back and it felt weird not hugging or being close to him like we once were. We ended up riding some rides then sole had to be home cause her mom was getting upset so we headed out in my ex’s car he dropped them off and then me and the girls  had left there bags there so he got them and left I wanted to hug him but he seemed like he didn’t care I started texting him asking for him back but he said nothing and he wanted nothing I was so upset and hurt and I left it at that and started getting mad at sole so we ended are friendship because of a guy and I started hanging around people who cared about how I feel and that’s how Friday night ended.


This is the day everything just hurt me and feel apart so after Friday night Saturday came around its was like 5 pm and I got a call from Sole and Alex answered the phone and he asked me why I was doing all this I explained to him and I said sorry to please give us time and I started to cry as I started to cry I guess I was on speaker and both of them the people I cared most about they started laughing at me and taking everything as a joke which I felt wasn’t right so I got even more mad and called my friend and asked if I could be picked up and taken somewhere to see something so I got picked up and we passed by Soles house to see if Alex’s car was there it wasn’t so I left and started t think Sole was home she would never do anything to me and so I left with my friends and meet up Andrew and Bill and we walked to the fair as I was walking to the fair I didn’t have much money so my friend gave  me a ride my friend had told me he had seen Sole in the fair with some dude I started to worry I texted Sole saying why she would do that she didn’t care and just had a smart attitude and send a pic laughing right next to Alex after that I never spoke to her even texted her and I felt sad. Not only was I the only one to say that was rude that they both did that to me and after that night Alex and I were never the same. Even after the fact all that happened and sole lied about things I didn’t need her and Alex and I had a talk he said he would give us time and he lied and talked horrible things called me horrible names and he confused me and lied to me and confused himself so m ust doing me and leaving him be and not answering his messages.


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