Birthday Weekend!


This birthday weekend all started Saturday May 13 I woke up to my mom saying happy birthday and got to sleep in a little longer and had to wait for my mom to come back from work at 2 pm once she came back we went to Starbucks so I could get a free drink on my birthday and after went to go wash the car and drove by someone house and headed back home so we could shower and get ready for the night once it was 6:30 pm we were ready and headed to my friends house so we could pick her up and my friend Avery for dinner ended up she wasn’t ready and Avery wasn’t either so they were just gonna meet me at the restaurant at 7 when I was waiting only Kristin showed up and we ended up getting a private room and it was very nice we all sat down and ordered some drinks then later on ordered are food. I got shrimp tacos and a rice milk it was so good and at the end was cake and presents I loved what I got and very thankful for what my family and friends got me this year. Finally after dinner was over we all gathered are belonging and I took Mya and other friend home. When I got home I got ready for bed and cleaned up a little then finally went straight to bed because I had a busy night and was surrounded in love the whole night.


When I woke up Sunday morning my mom had came into my room at 8:30 am in the morning so we could go to Ventura to see my grandmother on mothers day. We planned a little family get together because she is getting older and were just trying to show her love so I woke up grabbed my stuff to get ready over there because it was so early in the morning also I wanted to stop and get my mommy some flowers because it was mothers day and I wanted to show her some love so we stopped at vons in Ventura and I bought her pink roses and some huge white/milk chocolate strawberry’s even I had some because they were so good. We had to hurry to my grandmothers so my mom could start setting up the tables how she wanted them and headed back out to Walmart so we could get some things we needed after we were done there was still two hours left so we grabbed a snack because we were starving. The day was very busy we went back and finished the rest of what we had to do and finally relaxed before family started showing up. Once they showed up time went buy were quick we ate and ate some cake and started cleaning up and then packed the car and headed back to Santa Barbara but before we went home I wanted to stop by sephora to grab some make up with the gift card I had got on my birthday so we did and finally home and showered and got ready for school the next day my whole weekend was full with love from both my mom and dad side because there not together so It  felt good to see them both this year was a tough and rough year but I feel older and I feel like it’s a fresh start for not only me but my family and friends, so I know my family reads these blogs thank you everyone who came and showed love I love each and everyone of you and happy mothers day to all the mothers out there especially the single moms.



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