Family weekend in Ventura CA!


This fun weekend started on Friday I was just hanging out at the boys&girls club when my mom called and said she would be picking me up to take me with my dad for the weekend at first I really didn’t want to go because I thought it would be boring but then when I arrived into Ventura my mom and I went to eat at carrows and we talked about some of the problems I was going threw it made me upset at first but then I was fine we went to my grandmas house and she hugged me and said she missed me to think of something to do for Saturday and we waited for my dad to get there when we did we all were talking but then sadly my mom had to head back to Santa Barbara cause it was getting late my grandma and I went to the store to rent a movie for the night and also I had to get some women stuff along with snacks, once we got back home I put the movie on and started to relax. After the movie was over I ended up falling asleep because it was late at night and I was very tired of crying that day, things ended up where I ended up staying up and eating food and talking to my dad about things and just catching up on things I didn’t know or hear about. We finally ended are conversation about what I wanted to do for my birthday and after that I don’t remember but all I know was I was very tired and ended up going to sleep.


The next morning I woke up and my dad had to go to work well I stayed at my grandmas house meanwhile I needed to get my grades up so she dropped my dad off at work and we went to get some breakfast and ate and we headed to Santa Barbara to get my homework and after we went back to Ventura on the way my grandma said she needed to go to the mall to pay some bills well we were there I ended up getting some shirts one black one and one white one I was very happy because I liked them a lot. We went home and then we had to get some dinner because we were planning on watching the fight so we went to winco for some food after finally we went to drop off my grandpa and went to go get my dad and return the movies to red box and rent two more and off we went home and made food and watched the fight the guy we wanted to win ended up losing the fight so we were all very upset but then we just enjoyed time together and watched a movie my dad and I ended up going to sleep around 1 in the morning I was so tired and the next morning I had to wake up very early because my only way home was my grandma and she had to be at her hair appointment at 9 and so we were in a rush. So I woke up and got my stuff and said goodbye to my dad and ended up getting Starbucks because I was tired and headed back to Santa Barbara I was planning on going to church that Sunday but I was so tired so I wanted to catch up on a nap or some sleep. Just when I thought my day was gonna be at home my little brother had a baseball game and we went to go watch that and after that we went to panda express to get some yummy food and got some chocolate at sees candy after and finally went home and relaxed the rest off my day so I could be ready for school the next morning.STARBUCKS




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