Dodger game!


This fun Saturday all started the morning of I had been laying in bed when my mom comes in she says “do you want to go to a dodger game tonight, will you be able to walk”?, I said yes I wanted to go so she had to go to work till 2 and my best friends sole and laila came over because we were planning on going to the beach cause it was so hot outside I thought they were walking ended up on of there friends Alex dropped them off, so they came inside and we just talked we didn’t want to walk so they asked Alex if he wanted to come along and if he could drive us there. He ended up picking us up and we headed to the beach as we got there we had to pay for parking then we went to the sand and set up are stuff. Laila and I wanted to go in the water as we were walking to the water we saw a dead dolphin I felt so bad it had no eyes I was gonna touch it but they told me not to because it could have diseases, so w left it alone and we went into the water it felt amazing after we were done we sunned tanned and Alex left and another one of are friends junior came to hang out it ended up getting so hot we started to walk back home, on the way home we stopped to grab something to eat at Mc Donald’s finally we got home and junior left when I got there I ended up showering and getting ready for the game once I was done getting ready we left and dropped my friends off home I wanted to stay with them because they were begging for me to stay but I ended up going to the game so yeah once we dropped them off we jumped on the freeway to head to the fun game ahead of us that night, I feel it took forever to get there but we still went.

dodger game

Once I got to the dodger game we had to go throw a bunch of parking lucky that we got a spot very close to get in, so we got out the car and started walking I was so happy because I love baseball and we went in also got free dodger sweaters and got are sits time went by quick and the game started the dodgers were doing horrible in the beginning so I went to get some food after time went by I ended up get nachos in a baseball cap and a soda and may I remind you the food there is super expensive and we spend 20 bucks on two small things we got really mad at how the dodgers were playing so we decided to leave the game a lot earlier than we expected as we were leaving we listened to the radio on how the dodgers were doing they had gotten 4 home runs and we started laughing like all of a sudden they want to start doing good as we leave the stadium so as we were going home I was planning on going to my best friends soles house but plans got changed when we went to make a stop at my grandmas house my mom saw we were gonna hang out with people and she got mad and didn’t let me out the house that night cause she said she didn’t trust me  so she took me home and when I got home I passed out because I was so tired it felt good to sleep in though. The next morning I woke up to a good day it was sunny but my mom woke me up by saying pick up the dog poop after I did that we ate breakfast and we headed to get my little sister laila as we got back we went to 7/11 to get junk food and we went on live and my best friend sole wanted to come over so we waited for her to come and walked to pick her up as we all got back to my house we had made plans to go to the beach with some friends so we did.


As I said once sole and laila were at my house my mom took us to sole house so she could get changed for the beach and drove us to east beach as we got there we setted up are stuff and enjoyed the sun later on are friends john john, Avery and Eli came to hang out with us we all were just listening to music and having fun as the boys had to go somewhere real quick we watched the stuff and we then started to notice some older men keep waiting for us and also looking at us so we decided to leave as we were leaving they were talking to us blowing kisses so we started walking faster and faster and they got in the car and pulled up next to us saying get in the car we told them to leave us alone that were young girls and don’t feel it is right they didn’t care so we walked around a building to the other side hoping they stopped and followed us again but this time walking up to us and just laughing getting close so we said get away and they got in the car went fast honked the horn we were scared so we waited for the boys to come back and they said we should have told him so they can scare them but we were scared so we left and are friends gave us a ride home cause there was a little party at my house and we ate then I showered and they wanted to go to the boys and girls club, so we started walking and as we got there was a lot of people also my ex was there so it was very weird but I still had fun not talking to him. As we ended the night are other friend picked us up we drove by fast by Alex and I yelled at him throw the car window and went home to get ready for the next day.


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